MCL series

MCL series

Stamping presses

  • Press capacity: 2,000-8,000 kN
  • Part size: small to medium
  • Slide kinematics: link
  • Application: drawing, blanking, stamping, bending, embossing

Compact presses for a wide range of small to medium sized parts. Due to its drive-related slide kinematics, the MCL series is particularly suitable for drawn parts. The reduced forming speed increases the part quality and saves press and dies.

Description and benefits: 
  • Flexible installation options as single press in progressive or transfer mode or as fully automated press line.
  • The compact design requires little floor space and no foundation at presses below 6,000 kN.
  • The very solid, low-stress annealed press bodies are FEM-calculated and optimized by so-called “hot-spot analysis” in areas which are subject to higher loads.
  • Motor, clutch/brake unit, lubrication system and control are of German origin and guarantee a long service life and maximum dynamics.
  • The slide guiding system ensures a high level of tilting rigidity and reduces the cutting impact during the cut through when it comes to the processing of higher-strength materials.

Advantages in operation as press line:

  • Flexible combination of different tonnages according to the individual requirements of  parts and dies.
  • Lower investment volume compared to single presses with correspondingly larger bolster sizes.
  • The compact presses have advantages in logistics, design and handling and can be quickly and easily relocated or replaced.
Standard equipment: 
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Electrical slide adjustment
  • Mechanical slide locking
  • Automatic slide counter balancing
  • Vibration isolated installation
  • Press force monitoring (single force and sum force)
  • Mechanical or pneumatic part ejector
  • Pneumatic die cushion
  • Mobile two-hand control station
  • Press force monitoring (signature force)
Die change concepts: 
  • BASIC: screwed-in clamping plate with spring-loaded roller lifting bars. Die change with hook-in carrying brackets or swivel brackets.
  • PLUS: retractable die change plate with screwed-on die on extendable support frame
  • ADVANCED: Tandem die changing carts with two die  stations for an optimized set-up process
Technical specifications: 
Description Unit MCL2-200 MCL2-300 MCL2-400 MCL2-600 MCL2-800
Press capacity kN 2,000 3,000 4,000 6,000 8,000
Stroke rate 1/min 35-70 20-40 20-40 15-50 15-40
Stroke length mm 150 250 300 350 350
Slide adjustment mm 120 120 150 250 250
Die height* mm 450 600 700 800 800
Slide dimensions mm 1,850 x 650 2,600 x 1.000 2,800 x 1,300 4,000 x 1,500 4,000 x 1,500
Bolster dimensions mm 1,850 x 850 2,600 x 1.100 2,800 x 1,300 4,000 x 1,500 4,000 x 1,500
Foundation required Yes/No No No No Yes Yes


*Slide stroke down, slide adjustment up (SDAU) | All models in 2-point design | Subject to technical modifications

Simpac Europe GmbH

Simpac is South Korea's market leader in forming technology and, with over 40 years of experience, is also one of the leading international press manufacturers. The customers of Simpac belong to various branches of the metal processing industry: Automotive industry and its suppliers, manufacturers of domestic appliances and household goods, companies in the furniture and electronics industry and companies in the aerospace industry.

The wide product range includes mechanical and hydraulic presses, servo presses, tandem lines and automation solutions. Simpac also has an extensive service network with local contractual partners worldwide. With the establishment of a second research and development center in Germany in 2017, the Simpac Holding employs around 680 people in eight countries.